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Income Interruption Program

We have created a program to allow you to move forward with confidence. In the event that you find yourself with your income fully interrupted, we will cover up to two months of your mortgage payments, provided that you purchase that home through our team.*

Home Value Protection

Alternatively, we have created a program for those that choose to work with our agents to purchase one of the many beautiful homes that we currently have listed. Down the road, if you engage us to sell the home, and that home is worth less, we will cover that shortfall up to 5% of the home’s value. This allows you to purchase now with confidence.*

*Some Restrictions Apply

There are three reasons why it still makes sense to purchase a home:

  1.  Interest rates are incredibly low. That home that was just out of reach may suddenly be attainable.
  2. Lender underwriting is still fairly flexible. In the future, if those standards become stricter, lenders will likely require a larger down payment.
  3. Inventory is tight and likely to get tighter. In ordinary times, there would be more homes coming to market. We are predicting far fewer homes coming to market in the near future.

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